We aim to:

  • Encourage community togetherness
  • Extend local resilience – adapting to and surviving change
  • Advance local sustainable development
  • Develop environmental and sustainability skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Explore, extend and empower personal, social and environmental responsibility

We worry about the serious environmental problems we all face locally and globally but we also see an environmentally sustainable future as something that is positive, rational, desirable and accessible – as something that will enhance our lives, our work, our organisations and our communities.

That’s why, though we love science and embrace appropriate technology and they are an integral part of our projects, we also believe sustainability is as much about ‘the art of life’ and therefore learning and thinking for its own sake, art, adventure, fun and creative thinking are also at the heart of what we do.

At the centre of all our work is the assumption of inclusion. That’s why much of our work is focused on those for whom the world is harder to navigate than it might be for others. We work with schools and organisations which support people with disadvantaged backgrounds and disabilities and strive always to overcome barriers to inclusion.

Directors – Chris Jockel, Dominic Thomas Emily Janke-Pearson and Alfie Stephens. Creative Sustainability CIC conduct business for the community benefit and our assets and any surpluses we make are committed to further the community interest.