Our World is an environmental youth forum, a friendly space for young people to meet up and talk about the natural world around them and the things that are threatening it. We’re into learning more, expressing our hopes and fears, and working together towards taking action on the things we care about. Come and join us for company, causes and pizza!

Recently we have enjoyed exploring Marine Conservation. There’s loads going on in our Oceans at the moment and we thought it was time we learnt more about it all and got involved. As well as supporting endangered marine life we looked at plastic in the oceans and how we can help reduce our plastic consumption, raise awareness, and change people’s thinking.

Looking ahead, our programme is filling up and we’re excited for what the rest of the year will bring. We’re looking at food to find out how can we produce food sustainably and reduce food waste. In addition, we’re really looking forward to some creative workshops looking at the fashion and textiles industries. We’re also hoping to get involved with the brilliant Bee’s for Development programme run by Peter Lead who works with schools over in Ghana.

If you’re a young person interested in the natural world around you and learning more about the environmental issues we’re facing then get in touch and come along to a meeting. We’re a friendly non-judgemental group meeting in a safe environment to discuss our thoughts, worries and fears, and we’re always happy to meet new members.

Download a copy of the Our World leaflet here.

Since our restart in 2017 we’ve run some great Our World sessions, saying hello again to old members, and welcoming some new members aboard. As well as meeting in our lovely workroom over at Fromehall Mill to talk and in some cases get artistic about how we feel about the environmental issues surrounding us, we’ve also had the opportunity to get out into nature. We’ve had a great day learning coppicing and forestry skills with FWAG, and we’ve been on bat and dormouse walks with local experts, learning more about the natural world around us.

We also played a big part in the Stroud Festival of Nature 2018 where we ran our own two-part stall inviting people to learn all about Endangered Species in the UK, how they can reduce their Carbon Footprint and use less plastic. We had loads of visitors, and even got interviewed by BBC Radio Gloucestershire, as well as getting up on stage and delivering a short speech about how you can help reduce your plastic use.

You can read our Our World 2016 Report here.

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