Hands-on experiential activities for whole school cohorts aka Greening Day!

Greening Days offer a carousel of activities based on issues around sustainability and principles of Education for Sustainable Development over a whole school day, provided by specialist local social enterprises and organisations.

Students learn practical skills and increase related confidences and develop knowledge and understanding of the issues around sustainability.

‘We’re really looking forward to working with you all again. Its a fantastic venture and invaluable to us at school to have the expertise brought to us on site. The head was totally inspired by last year’s event and is investing more and more in the outdoor campus as classroom.’

Staff and Governors are invited to take part and experience good practice for ESD teaching and learning methods and ideas for curriculum planning. This is a great first step and introduction towards developing sustainability for campus, curriculum and community, including energy measures, education policy and community engagement.

Some statements from the Students at our September 2017 Greening Day with Stroud High School;

‘I didn’t know planting trees could be so fun, I’m going to plant some at home too!’

‘I’ve not had a chance to use tools like these before, it’s great to take some wood and turn it into a proper bird box.’

‘I liked making the ponds best, the plants all had really funny names and I liked learning them all.’

‘We made the best bug hotel, it’s got all sorts of different things in it and different places for different bugs to sleep and eat and get cosy, like a real hotel!’ 

‘I thought making the water heater was the most fun because I had to really think hard about what things would have the most effect on the temperature and how I could put them together.’