Do something marvellous

We love having volunteers on our camps. There is always something needs doing! We also think that this will be a life-changing experience for you, it is unlikely that you will have ever done anything quite like it.

Volunteers can muck in as much as they like and/or feel comfortable with. From making the evening fire, helping to cook, supporting a particular individual to do something they find challenging or simply keeping us all in hot drinks there is a niche for anyone and everyone on our camps.

We provide all your food – we all cook together – and will pay for your transport costs if we can’t fit you in the mini bus. You will have to bring your own tent and camping kit unless you don’t have these already – we can help out with that if you don’t.

We will want to meet you before the camps and we have to process a DBS for you. This takes about a month, so let us know in plenty of time. You can also be a volunteer for other Of Course We Can events. Ask us for more information.

Call or email to have a chat if you’re interested on 01452 770177 and speak to Anna or Chris.