After another amazing summer of Creative Camping throughout 2018 we’re now looking forward to planning our 2019 programme, and are hoping for a grant from Children In Need in order to do so. Children In Need have been wonderful supporters of the work we’ve done in the past, helping us to get more young people out into the wild to challenge themselves and build their confidence in an inclusive environment.

We’ve enjoyed another series of wonderful camps throughout the summer of 2018, with grants from Summerfield Trust and Barnwood, on top of County Council funding, for providing short breaks for disabled young people. There were five camps with 90 places for disabled and non-disabled young people to develop confidence, independence and raise expectations of self and others.

We’re also going to health sector events to talk about outdoor activities for disabled young people plus the huge benefits of taking positive risks. We make people think about ‘The Risk of Not Doing’ and it’s pretty powerful.

Our green trailer is filled with our cosy bell tents and complete field kitchen and the whole thing is available to borrow for community groups – so give us a call if you are interested in getting more young people outside in nature and need the kit!

Breaking down social barriers for young people with disabilities

Since forever we have been taking young people camping, and not to proper camp sites! We love the idea of making a home for the weekend in a beautiful and unspoilt environment, foraging and working together to make food, fire and fun. The only difference is that now we take disabled young people with us too – they love it because we’re not taking care of them, we’re simply including them in good stuff. Sometimes it’s complicated, sometimes it is really tiring, but its always hilarious fun and just about the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done.

Since 2011 we’ve run loads of camps in the Brecons, Stroud, Gower, Exmoor and Forest of Dean. We provide all food, shelter, transport and even a sleeping bag for anyone who forgets theirs. We’ve climbed very tall hills in the Brecon Beacons (I’ve been told they are not mountains!), canoed on the River Wye, taken an extremely exciting boat ride around Worm’s Head in the Gower, riden horses on the moors, made shelters in the woods and foraged for food. We have a cabaret on the Saturday night which has to be the most hilarious event ever conceived and we sing our hearts out around a fire each night.

You can see what young people and their families say about our camps here – Creative Camping feedback.

Read this from one of our campers

We are very proud of what we do.

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