Creative Camping


Every year we take disabled and disadvantaged young people and vulnerable adults out in to nature, to spend time with peers under the open sky, on land and water, to sing, walk, sit around a fire. Its simple, and transformative. Our Creative Camping projects need cash donations to make camps happen.

What we need:

  • £10 buys wellies for a young person without
  • £30 a set of waterproofs
  • £50 subsidises a camp for a family that can’t contribute at all,
  • £250 pays for one to one support for an individual who needs it.
  • Or even – A new kitchen tent! Our kitchen tent was destroyed by a massive storm last July in the Brecons! We need a 4×6 m gala type tent, or thereabouts – they cost a few hundred new which we just don’t have.

Access Bike

The Access Bike workshop is an open door bike workshop for young people. It is open 3 days a week for them to use to fix up their own bikes, or even make themselves a new one from our stock. They are encouraged to return the favour by fixing up another bike, cleaning them up, doing artwork or making another young person feel welcome and included by sharing the skills they have learnt.

What we need:

  • Get involved and volunteer! Come down to the workshop between 12-6pm Tues, Weds, Thurs. Whether you know anything about bikes or not, just be willing to have fun, meet new people and share skills with others!
  • Buy a bike from us! Part of our mission is to break down barriers to riding a bike, and one way we can do this is by working together to fix old bikes and sell them in our little shop for really affordable prices. So it’s time to swap 4 wheels for 2 and come find your dream bike!
  • Donate to Access Bike! A very exciting addition to this project is our Access Bike Mentoring Programme. It has been organised and developed by the workshop team to hold dedicated personal development sessions for those who need a little extra support in getting a really valuable experience out of Access Bike. Our one-to one sessions are proving to make a huge difference to people’s lives, helping participants gain independence, make friends, build their own bike and feel part of a wider community.

Re Connect Befriending

Re Connect Befriending enables people who have been affected by long-term health conditions such as stroke, aphasia and dementia to connect with each other. Our growing team of volunteer befrienders offers company, support and help to build confidence. They have experience of living with a health condition and so can empathise with others in a similar situation. Visits are made to people at home, in hospital or care homes and in our peer support groups around Gloucestershire. Some befrienders even train NHS staff about life with their health condition and join advisory meetings to change NHS policies!

Benefits are huge and varied! People that participate, befrienders and those they support and group members tell us that they feel less “on their own”, more confident and able to join in locally, they feel heard and understood and they make new friends.

What We Need:

  • Financial donations! These are to help us cover befrienders’ expenses and materials for our groups, especially the art groups!
  • Group support! If you are keen to join in, get in touch and become a volunteer with one of our group sessions.
  • Become a Befriender! Our dedicated Befrienders are central to the programme. Befrienders are people who have lived with the impacts of a long-term health condition either themselves or as a carer, family member or friend. If you would like to know more about how to get involved in this way, please do get in touch. Full training and support is given to our volunteers and expenses are covered.