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Community resilience, sustainability and environmental projects

Our core values…..

  • Inclusion: ensuring inclusion of people with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds, including those excluded from school and cared for young people.
  • Sustainability: encouraging personal responsibility for the natural environment, living and working more sustainably, developing knowledge and understanding of the issues.
  • Youth Empowerment: speaking up for young people, facilitating them to become more enabled, empowered and have a confident voice in their local and global community.


Our Projects

  • Access Bike finds, sorts and fixes second hand bikes and matches them to disadvantaged teenagers referred by secondary schools as in need. We mentor a young people to lead the project and gain new business skills.
  • Creative Camping supports disabled and non-disabled teenagers to spend the weekend together four times a year at wilderness camps, encouraging self agency, positive risk taking, cooperation, friendship and inclusion.
  • Our World group meets once a month to discuss and explore environmental issues, sharing understanding with ‘Tiny Ted Talks’, expressing fears and ideas through creativity, discovering solutions and opportunities, together.
  • Youth Organisation Capacity and Confidence building help groups of adult volunteers and youth leaders to understand how to  include children and young people with difficult behaviour, disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Green Day gives secondary school students a carousel of hands-on experiential activities which allow them to explore sustainability, to take risks, work as a team, deal with ambiguity and solve problems together.
  • Future Now offers schools support and ideas to reduce waste, water and energy use, including student led initiatives, audits, shopping lists of actions, monitoring and evaluation tools, curriculum planning support.
  • Stroud Festival of Nature schools strand is a new partnership with local organisations including National Trust, Plantlife and Cotswold Conservation for an outdoor activities programme for schools over a number of weeks each year.

Latest News

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Hi, I am sending James Ross your way because he's smart and funny and kind and may have something to contribute... other than stand-up comedy - which he also does... ... See MoreSee Less

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Really thrilled to have been awarded a grant for brand new tents, kitchen kit and a box trailer! Thanks to the GCC Activities Together we can creative camp in style in 2015 and keep them safe and tidy. We'll be loaning the kit to local orgs (for a donation to CSCIC) so if you want to borrow a full camping kit for a group of up to 30 let us know. ... See MoreSee Less

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Pretty excited to be involved in the Stroud Festival of Nature and to be working with the National Trust and Cotswold Conservation Board to do fantastic things at Woodchester, Ebworth and on the commons. We'll be coordinating 3 weeks of activities for primary and secondary schools, camps and outdoor activities for families. Currently working on funding and planning! ... See MoreSee Less

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CSCIC facilitated a very busy weekend of workshops and fun for Stroud Valleys Woodcraft and we are delighted it went so well. We had 64 workshop places, made 102 meals, entertained 26 children and 25 people stayed overnight! There were workshops to develop skills on leadership, behaviour, limit setting and first aid plus thinking on woodcraft values and principles. Young people had a session to develop their ideas about leadership and children were entertained with bushcraft, art and whittling activities. The place was great - horses, trampoline and even a swimming pool! Thanks to everyone who helped out - Elke and Mark for hosting us all so elegantly, Team tent AlfieBarneyTom, Perfect Petro, Ianto the Wise, 1st Aid Mike, Dom the knife, Bushcraft Jose and all those who washed up mountains of plates and simply made it fab by being there.PS Does anyone have any pics of the actual workshops!!!!!? (7 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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