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Community resilience, sustainability and environmental projects

Our core values…..

  • Inclusion: ensuring inclusion of people with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds, including those excluded from school and cared for young people.
  • Sustainability: encouraging personal responsibility for the natural environment, living and working more sustainably, developing knowledge and understanding of the issues.
  • Youth Empowerment: speaking up for young people, facilitating them to become more enabled, empowered and have a confident voice in their local and global community.


Our Projects

  • Access Bike finds, sorts and fixes second hand bikes and matches them to disadvantaged teenagers referred by secondary schools as in need. We mentor young people to lead the project and gain new business skills.
  • Creative Camping supports disabled and non-disabled teenagers to spend the weekend together four times a year at wilderness camps, encouraging self agency, positive risk taking, cooperation, friendship and inclusion.
  • Our World group meets once a month to discuss and explore environmental issues, sharing understanding with ‘Tiny Ted Talks’, expressing fears and ideas through creativity, discovering solutions and opportunities, together.
  • Youth Organisation Capacity and Confidence building help groups of adult volunteers and youth leaders to understand how to  include children and young people with difficult behaviour, disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Green Day gives secondary school students a carousel of hands-on experiential activities which allow them to explore sustainability, to take risks, work as a team, deal with ambiguity and solve problems together.
  • Future Now offers schools support and ideas to reduce waste, water and energy use, including student led initiatives, audits, shopping lists of actions, monitoring and evaluation tools, curriculum planning support.
  • Stroud Festival of Nature schools and youth strand is a new partnership with local organisations including National Trust, Plantlife and Cotswold Conservation for an outdoor activities programme for schools over a number of weeks each year.

Latest News

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Do you know a young person aged 13-18 who would love to join us for our Wild Autumn Camp at Thistledown 18th to 20th September? Our camps are for disabled and non-disabled young people and promote inclusion, raise expectations, build confidence and self-esteem for all those involved.

Outdoor exploration - day and night! - bushcraft, art, green wood-work, photography, eco-design, shelter building, open-fire cooking and singing Plus the special ‘Hawk Walk’ - meet the birds and follow them through the woods! Campers help with cooking meals and general duties for a big family feel to the weekends. Evenings spent round a bonfire, toasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs. On Saturday night everyone takes part in a cabaret!
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2 weeks ago  ·  

Properly introducing Alfie who does our cycles up for Access Bike!
With the support of top cycle shop Tarmac and Trail, Stonehouse, Access Bike has given over 50 young people a reconditioned bike, helmet, locks and lights for £20 this year so far. Referred by secondary schools and youth organisations disadvantaged young people aged 13-25 get the social, health and practical benefits of having a bike,plus the bikes are donated by their communities and young people like Alfie and Luka gain skills and earn a good hourly rate. They are now both qualified cycle safety instructors and have been running sessions in local schools, all thanks to funding from Gloucester County Council. Support the project by donating an unwanted bike or cash via our website.
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Went to Holdshot Trails on the weekend and smashed a dream run, the run I had wanted to do in the competition there at the start of summer.. but wussed out on the day. I think that insane feeling of progression and setting ridiculous goals is why I ride bikes. -Thanks Ross and Mikey for filming the additional vids.

1 month ago  ·  

Creative Camping is in its fifth year of taking disabled teenagers wild camping. Creative Sustainability are now considered expert providers of outdoor activities for disabled young people and we are providing camps for other organisations and their groups. Weekends of camping in the wild, mountain walks and canoeing aim to encourage self agency, positive risk taking, cooperation, friendship and inclusion. We are now being invited to talk about the risks involved - mitigation of true risk, positive risk, perceived risk and the risk of not doing - and are making waves in health and disability circles. Funded by Children in Need, GCC and Summerfield Trust. Two more camps coming up this September and October - get involved as a participant aged 18 and under or as a volunteer aged 18+ ... See MoreSee Less

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Festival of Nature - what a month! We've done tons of work in secondary and primary schools and youth groups through June, giving hundreds of young people an opportunity to learn practical skills, to be creative in nature, to improve local places and enjoy being outdoors. Rooted in Education for Sustainability our work models new ideas and good practice to staff and school leaders and shares the skills of environmental, ecology and sustainability experts. This summer 4 secondary schools, 2 youth groups and 8 primary schools benefited from Lottery funded activities with another four days activities coming up in August and September. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago  ·  

Picking up 15 young people any minute and taking us all to the Brecons for a glorious weekend in the wilderness! Wild camping, trekking, bushcraft and canoeing, fires and starlight and singing. Thanks to Gloucestershire County Council disabled young people get exciting short breaks along side their non-disabled peers. This is, apparently, very unusual in the UK. and our camps seem to be one of a kind.

However, the Quality Care Commission in its wisdom has decided that any organisation or individual delivering personal care needs to register with them - if we so much as wipe a disabled person's nose - that would cost us thousands of pounds and many man hours of work, inspections and annual reviews. Clearly we would have to stop including young people who need personal care, as would Scouts, Guides and any other smaller org wishing to be inclusive.

Needless to say we will do what we can to change this absurd decision.
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